People Project Demo

Thijs van der Vossen, Fingertips,

Amsterdam, October 5, 2005

In the following demonstration we follow Claudia as she creates an account and starts using the site.

Claudia took the following steps:

  1. She decided to create an account by clicking on the ‘Join the community’ link.
  2. On the next page, she fills in her name and email address and she chooses a username and a password.
  3. She then enters her locations; first she chooses the country which is immediately shown on the map below the entry fields.
  4. Then she starts typing the name of the city she lives in. After entering the first few characters, a dropdown with suggestions is shown. She selects the correct suggestion after which the map updates again, now showing the location of the city she lives in. We have just uniquely identified the place, region and country she lives in with two simple and unobtrusive steps. Also notice how the suggestion dropdown shows multiple entries for cities with the same name in different regions (although we still need to fix an issue with duplicate entries, as you can see).
  5. She clicks ‘Create my account’ after which she is redirected to her personal dashboard page. We thank her for joining the community and we invite her to become a member of one or more of our groups. She decides to take a look.
  6. On the groups overview page, she chooses to join ‘Save the seals’ and the ‘Windmill parks’. Notice how she doesn’t have to wait for any new pages to load when she clicks the ‘Join this group’ link; her membership status is updated almost immediately.
  7. She now goes to the ‘Windmill parks’ group page. This page contains a list of the most recent discussions in this group, as well as a short description and a list of all members.
  8. On this page, she clicks ‘Start a new discussion’ after which a form is shown where she enters a subject.
  9. On the next page she adds the first message to this discussion. She likes to know about the experience others have had with windmills close to their home.
  10. Then she goes back to her dashboard page. This page now shows an overview of the groups she has become a member of. Before the group names an arrow is shown; clicking this arrow expands the view, revealing the most recent new messages for all discussions in the group.
  11. Suddenly a message appears in the sidebar of the dashboard page; she has received a personal note from another member of the ‘Windmill parks’ group who has written a reply to her question. She can respond immediately by clicking on ‘Reply’, but she decides to take a look at his answer first.
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